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Services Provided


Couples Issues

Family life can be tough, whether your family consists of two adults, a blended family, or a conflict of multiple generations.  It is a strength to recognize that there are times when professional intervention may be very helpful when your family must navigate big life changes, long-standing problematic frustrations, or a loss of connection between you and the one you love.  Counseling can help you learn the tools you and your loved one need to regain balance and harmony at home.  I work to uncover your stuck spots and set you and the ones you love on the path to satisfying, enriching relationships.



 Sometimes depression is the result of difficult life circumstances.  It is important to get to the bottom of these challenges and bring peace back into yor life so your mood can lift again.  For other people, depression is a recurring condition, and it is critical to learn how to manage and predict the condition so you can live a healthy, engaged life without feeling like a prisoner to your lousy mood. 


Adult/Adolescent ADHD

This condition can be much more subtle and complex than the stereotypical image of an out-of-control child rampaging around the classroom.  It affects people of all ages, it rarely occurs in a vacuum, and it may be a culprit when very intelligent people wind up asking themselves, "Why do I feel so different than everyone else?" or "Why do all my goals and plans always seem just out of my reach?"  Feeling stuck and separated from others are very common experiences with this condition, even if you're not sure you have it or have never been officially diagnosed (and many people haven't)!  I strongly believe that this disorder is less a label of pathology and more a personality type -- you have an amazing set of tools at your disposal and our primary task is to let YOU harness THEM, rather than the other way around.  It is possible to feel exceptional rather than worrying about being left behind.

If unresolved trauma is getting in the way of you leading the life you want, I practice a unique form of therapy that very specifically targets the effects of traumatic events.  Visit the Lifespan Integration link under "Services Offered" for more information about this mode of treatment.  It is not necessary to understand exactly how the trauma is impacting you, the therapy can be very effective no matter where you are with your journey
.  I also offer Cognitive Processing Therapy, a thought-based modality that challenges the automatic assumptions our brain gets tricked into making after we experience a life-altering trauma.


Bipolar Disorder

Individuals with bipolar disorder face a unique and often eventful life journey.  The field of mental health is increasingly accepting that this condition occurs on a continuum -- there is no one way to have bipolar disorder.  However it has touched your life, it has likely been an eye-opening experience and probably felt quite overwhelming at times.  I provide support, education, and coping help to those living with this lifelong challenge.  I can tell you, though, that a bipolar diagnosis is not a life sentence -- but rather a one-of-a-kind way of looking at the world which offers, along with its challenges, an opportunity to find an amazing strength within yourself and achieve a life of possibility. 


Military & Military Families

I am a private practitioner who has not only grown up with military culture, but have also completed specialized clinical training to help soldiers and their families deal with the immense personal challenges that come with a life of sacrifice. My own life has been touched personally at many levels by the U.S. Military, and I am proud to serve both active and separated military personnel and their families.