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2/11/19 and 2/12/19

"Snowpocalypse" 2019: I will be out of the office at least Monday, 2/11/19, and Tuesday, 2/12/19.  My husband commutes to Port Townsend (2 hrs one way) and he will need the AWD vehicle.  The north Olympic Peninsula has been hit much harder than the Puget Sound area; they have almost 2 feet of snow.  Not certain when he will be able to come home with my car!   More is coming down for all of us.  The weather forecast has cancelled school in the Gig Harbor area.  Confirmed for Monday, very likely for Tuesday.  

The vehicle I have access to is a rear-wheel drive with no weight in the back.  Due to pregnancy, it is very unsafe for me to risk snow driving in this type of vehicle.   

Next week, the week of 2/18/19, is scheduled to be mid-winter break for Peninsula School District, and I have already scheduled this week off.

I plan to return to work the week of Feb. 25th.  

IF YOU WOULD LIKE SERVICES BEFORE Feb 25th, you can download an app called "Telehealth" by Simple Practice, available on the App Store and Google Play.  You don't have to have an iPhone.  This is a HIPAA-compliant video conferencing app that is integrated with my practice software.  As long as I am not ill, I can do teletherapy during office hours when I am stuck at home, and the fee is the same.   If you are using insurance, please be aware they may not cover teletherapy.  

You can coordinate times with me at my cell number or over email.   If the technology fails (due to power outage, poor Wi-Fi connection, etc.), we will continue the session by phone.  THIS WILL WORK FOR INDIVIDUALS BUT NOT COUPLES.  I have to see couples' faces for sessions to be effective.  If video fails for couples, we can wrap up by phone and sessions will be pro-rated for actual video time.  Short consults with questions are fine by phone for anyone.

If you have further questions, you can reach me by phone or email with the contact information I have provided you.

Happy winter!!

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